Coinorbis is one of the world's leading online Cryptocurrency Trading Platform, offers simple and innovative cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to easily exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many other digital assets. Coinorbis enables to move digital coins or assets from one individual to another individual with a Multi Crypto Wallet.

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Buy and Sell the digital assets including bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin. Trade smartly with coinorbis.

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We take all responsibility of user information and funds and ensure that your cryptocurrencies are as safe as possible.

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Coinorbis is one of the best Crypto Exchange for the digital currency, provide a reliable and convenient platform for all traders and contributors to trade, Buy or Sell Cryptocurrencies with the help of most popular payment methods.

As a leading centralized exchange coinorbis support only cryptocurrency pairs that enable savvy crypto investors to gain access to liquid markets and a large no. of digital assets. We do not hold customer’s funds, positions or any information, every transaction on coinorbis is transparent and legitimate. Security of user information and funds is always a top priority in Coinorbis Exchange with nominal transaction fees in the market.


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The All-In-One Cryptocurrency API

Coinorbis API

COINORBIS provides Trade and analyze data on the entire digital currency ecosystem. Live blockchain data over hundreds of digital currencies, starting from the first block.


The perfect tool for HFT applications. Order execution on every exchange, through one direct connection.

Blockchain Analysis

Access for hundreds of cryptocurrencies and know more about your favorite crypto with blockchain API.

Data Visualization

Simple and best API, all cryptocurrency market data available, perfectly formatted for your favorite charting suite.

Live exchange rates

Rely on direct access to Coinorbis's low-latency live streaming data spanning hundreds of markets and currencies.